General regulations


  1. IL GIRO DEI VENTI (IGDV) is an amateur competition designed for the enjoyment of both those who participate in the race and those who take part in organized side activities, including spectators and organizers alike. It is essential that all those who wish to take part in the event, in whatever capacity accept this spirit. It is also important that all participants are required to read and accept these rules before registering and participating in the competition.


Article 1 _ General information

  1. IGDV is a stage competition (3 on racing bikes and 2 in sailing boats) which will take place over the 5 days from 27th June to 1st July 2022.
  2. The departure of the first stage and the arrival of the last is from/in Santa Maria di Leuca in the province of Lecce. The arrival of the second and third stages is in/from Gouvia on the island of Corfu in Greece
  3. On the last day, after the arrival of the race, the award ceremony and final party will be held in Piazza Vittoria in the town of Spongano, also in the province of Lecce.


Article 2 _ Crew participation and training requirements

  1. Participation is allowed only to both sexes of over 18 years of age, the category is one unique.
  2. Participation is allowed to teams made up of two cyclist friend/colleague participants and/or two sailors friend/colleague participants equipped with a pleasure sailing boat complete with cruise interiors, equipped with an auxiliary engine and equipped with a furling jib between 37 feet and 45 feet (all specifications are in the Sailing Regulations)
  3. Before the start, teams of four people (2 cyclists and 2 sailors) will be formed by drawing lots and from that moment on, they will form the actual CREW that will take part in the race.
  4. Participation is not allowed on catamarans.


Article 3 _ Sailing

  1. The sailing will take place in national and international waters with departure from Santa Maria di Leuca and arrival at Kassiopi in Greece. Depending on weather and sea conditions, two trails will be held - one day the departure and the other the return.


Article 4 _ The cycling stages

  1. The cycling stages must be raced by the pairs of cyclists of each crew with ROAD RACING BIKES (NO CRONO). Bicycles during the stages on a sailing boat must be embarked and secured on the boat (2 for each boat)
  2. All F.C.I members and Sports Promotion Bodies that have signed the agreement with F.C.I. can participate. for the year 2021/2022 between 18 (eighteen) and 79 (seventy-nine) years of both sexes, in possession of a certificate of fitness for competitive cycling (certificates are not valid for other types of sports such as triathlon, biathlon , athletics, etc.).
  3. Professional cyclists including the elite and under 23 are not admitted to the event.
  4. Cyclists who are not regularly registered will not be able to join groups, under penalty of immediate exclusion. In the event of an accident, they will be reported in accordance with the law.


Article 5 _ Event program (click here to download the complete programme)

  1. day 0 - 26 June 2022 - meeting point
  2. day 1 - June 27, 2022 - 1st cycling stage Santa Maria di Leuca - Otranto - Santa Maria di Leuca
  3. day 2 - June 28, 2022 - sailing S. Maria di leuca-Corfu
  4. day 3 - June 29, 2022 - 2nd cycling stage Corfu
  5. day 4 - 30 June 2022 - sailing from Corfu to Santa Maria di Leuca
  6. day 5 - 01 July 2022 - 3rd cycling stage Santa Maria di Leuca - Gallipoli - Santa Maria di Leuca

Closing evening with party and awards ceremony in Spongano (Le)


Article 6 - Registration

  1. Registration can be made by a cyclist couple or by a  sailing couple.
  2. Registrations will close at 50 boats at which point the waiting list will open
  3. Registration includes per person:

          - 1 welcome drink

          - 5 breakfasts

          - 3 lunches

          - 2 food boxes for sailing crossing including lunch and dinner

          - 2 dinners

         - participation in the final event at Workness Lecce

         - cyclists bag containing a cycling jersey and trousers, a t-shirt and bermuda shorts

         - sailors bag containing two T-shirts and two Bermuda shorts

        - mooring in Leuca and mooring in Corfu

  6. Registrations can be made through the website


Article 7 - Classification

  1. At each stage finish, a score of 10 points will be assigned to the first classified, 20 to the second, 30 to the third and so on.
  2. In sailing the score will be unique for the whole crew
  3. In cycling races the score will be obtained from the sum of the scores of the 2 cyclists according to their individual finish
  4. The ranking will be drawn up by adding up the scores of all the stages and the crew with a lower score will win.
  5. At the end of the five fractions in the event that two or more teams are ex aequo, will win the team that will have more intermediate wins. In the case of the same number of intermediate victories, the team placed later in the order of arrival of the last fraction will be taken into account
  6. crews who, for whatever reason, will not be able to finish one or more stages of the competition with all 4 components (2 sailors and 2 cyclists) will be imposed a penalty of 1000 points


Article 8 - Awards

  1. The first placed crew will be awarded 4 electric cars
  2. The second placed crew will be awarded 4 electric Piaggio scooters
  3. The third placed crew will be awarded 4 electric bicycles


Article 9 - Healthcare

Health care includes the presence of ambulances with doctors, health personnel and helicopter rescue support. Any transport costs to the hospital are to be paid by the participant.


Article 10 - Mobile and mechanical assistance

Assistance of any kind by private vehicle during the race is strictly prohibited under penalty of disqualification of the athlete.


Article 11 - Complaints

Any complaints must be sent directly to the jury within 30 minutes of the arrival or withdrawal of the last participant of each stage

 Article 12 - Variations

The organization reserves the right at any time to make changes to this regulation at its sole discretion.

The website is the official information tool of the event and therefore all official communications and any reopening of registrations will be made known there.


Article 13 - Duties of crew members and competitors


All crew members from day 0 to the end of day 5 must:

  1. Be accommodated on the boat entered in the race, it is forbidden to stay in elsewhere accommodation
  2. Wear,  the official  T-shirt and Bermuda shorts of the competition during the hours of rest and other free moments in Santa Maria di Leuca and Greece
  3. Consume all meals in the places assigned by the organization

In the cycling stages it is mandatory:

  1. Visibly attach the number with the chip to the handlebar, as well as a number displayed on the back, both provided by the organization. These numbers cannot be modified or altered in any way.
  2. Use the approved and fastened hard helmet for the entire duration of the race.
  3. Comply with the highway code.
  4. The riders at the back of the race who are overtaken by the race car will continue the event while maintaining both numbers, aware, however, that they have no protection as the stretch of road they will be traveling on will be open to the public and the traffic this opening up brings.


Article 14 - Disqualifications

  1. Participation with the number of another runner, the transfer of the number to others, the start in a grid preceding the one assigned or other serious fact that will be detected by the organization will cause either immediate exclusion from the event or exclusion from the classification and disqualification from the event from one to five years. In the most serious cases, the disqualification may be for life. The aformentioned measures will be adopted by the organization.
  2. We respectfully request all participants not to throw waste along the streets, but to place them in the appropriate containers at the refreshment posts identified by a start and an end refreshment point. Competitors who throw objects of any kind outside the marked spaces will be barred from participating for the next 3 years.
  3. The use of bicycles equipped with any kind of electric and / or electronic support or help is strictly forbidden, under penalty of disqualification or exclusion. Competitors who participate with a bicycle equipped with electric and / or electronic support or help will be disqualified for life from the event.

Article 15 - Data processing:

By sending the online registration form, the competitor must declare that he has carefully read and unconditionally accepted the rules of Il Giro dei Venti published on the website in all its points and that he is in possession of the medical certificate, according to the DM dated 18/02/82, an insurance for civil liability towards third parties and in possession of an athletic club membership card .

In relation to the information pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016, the competitor must declare that he has read the information published on the website and that he has been informed of the mandatory consent to the related processing for the purposes indicated in art. 2) of the aforementioned information, by selecting for acceptance of the appropriate box on the online registration form for the purposes of processing personal data, aware that failure to consent to the processing of data for the purposes referred to in art. 2) the information will make it impossible to register for the activity in question.

The data must be complete and legible also for insurance purposes. 

With the consent to the processing of their personal data, the competitor expressly authorizes the IGDV Committee, that their data is also transmitted and processed by third parties who offer services connected with and connected to IGDV, such as, for example: those with the purpose of delivering and / or sending the gadgets purchased by the competitor, those having the purpose of recording all times, drawing up and announcing the lists of results and those having the purpose of photographing or filming the competitor.

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